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In-Store Music

With over 22 years experience as an in-store music service provider, we specialise in music and message content for all retail stores, hotels, restaurants, gyms and more. We are one of the market leaders in the in-store music industry. 

Why the right music is so important whilst shopping

Couple Shopping

Store Ambiance

If customers don't like your in-store music, they won't like your store's ambience.

Child Model

Inappropriate Music

Shoppers will leave your store due to annoying or inappropriate music.

Record Store

Encourage Browsing

If you are playing enjoyable music, you will be encouraging shoppers to browse within your store.  

A man looking at goods at a store

Right Music At The Right Time

For your staff and customers.  Keeping staff and customers happy.

Waiting to Order

Shoppers Waiting In Line

With the right music, shoppers don't mind waiting in line to pay for their items.

Coffee Shop

Customer Service

In-store music will influence your staff morale and productivity.  This will have a direct impact on your store's customer service.

Shop Owner on Phone

Benefits Of A Helpdesk

Should issues arise it is easier calling the professionals to sort out the issues whilst staff focus on their work.

Record Store

Consistently Up To Date

Let our music team keep your store up to date with the latest releases, popular music, and sounds that will positively influence your shoppers.

why use concom?

I don't play music in my store, why should I use ConCom?

Silence can be awkward!

Create the right atmosphere in your store!

I play the local radio in my store, why should I use ConCom?

Local radio has excessive talking and advertising. There is no personal focus on your brand or store.  By using local radio you are allowing all your competitors to advertise to your shoppers for free.


Our staff play their own music in my store, why should I use ConCom?

Staff get distracted from their jobs by focusing on the music.

Staff music is not always vetted for swearing.

Staff often focus on what they like which often does not suit the customer.

I use another in-store music service provider, why should I rather use ConCom?

Here a few key pointers to look out for:


Are they fully legal with RAV/CAPASSO and SAMPRA to provide commercial music?


Is music updated weekly?


Is the music vetted for swearing?

Are you locked into a contract?

Is the music best for your shopper demographics?

Do you have to request music and message changes or is it done automatically?


Mixing Music

ConCom Updates Music Weekly

We don’t just regularly update your playlists, we automatically update them weekly.

Chained Door

ConCom Has No Contracts

We have no contracts, all our customers use ConCom out of choice! 

Variety of Bags

ConCom Treats Each Store Uniquely

Every store is unique, you will receive your own unique playlist.


ConCom Is Fully Legal

We operate legally.  All our mechanical licenses for RISA/RAV & CAPASSO are included.

Children Embracing in Circle

ConCom Music Is Vetted

All our music is vetted for swearing or profanity. 

Gift Shop

ConCom Plays Calendar Events Music

We automatically add and remove calendar events music such as Valentines, Christmas, Mandela, Heritage, youth days etc.

Friends Drinking Beer

ConCom Plays Music Blends

We play music blends for mornings, afternoons and weekends.

Revewing Graphs

ConCom Provides Monthly Reporting

We issue you with monthly reporting on what we delivered to your store.


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